The Worst Places…

Some of the Worst Places We Put Our Precious Photographs

Attics with no insulation and basement floors, BIG mistake! These two places are the most extreme in temperature and humidity.  The attic will cause the photo paper, especially the emulsion to crack; and any moisture, especially in basements, will cause mold and photo emulsion to stick together like glue. It is almost impossible to ever get them apart. I have had only a few experiences in getting some of my clients images apart and they still need to be digitally restored. WORST CASE SCENARIO;   The flooded basement and the burned up attic.

You need to carefully select a cool and dry space that is out of the way of extreme temperature changes. The ideal temperature is about 65º to 68º Fahrenheit and approximately 50% relative humidity.

You don’t need to get a safety deposit box at the bank, but it’s a really good place! especially for the most precious of photos, there is no safer place. But lets be practical, your photos will be safe if you store them in a cool and dry area.


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  1. Hallie says:

    You’ve impressed me where to store photo/negatives!

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