How did I get started in this? Hmm… between 1985-1986 I started playing around with…  I think it was Photoshop v.3 . It was just for fun then and using the clone tool was so cool! (I think that’s all they had back then, ha ha!).  My mother saw me do a few things and started having me work on some old family photos. Several relatives saw what I had done and sent me their images, and so on.  To date just from my mother and relatives, I’ve restored over 5000 images.  I really enjoy it.  I like the challenge of getting it as close to the original, and many times even better!  Most of my studio portrait clients saw what I was doing and had me work on their photos and so here I am, hoping for the opportunity to restore yours.

Thank you for viewing my site.  Scott Hancock   :D

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