Dating Photos

Why would I mention something on dating photos?  Have you ever been given the assignment, from family or client, to assemble a set of images in a photo book and tried to figure out where they would be placed chronologically?  You call the client or your family members to have them help figure out where they go and they don’t remember either?

Hence my reasoning to share with you, to write the YEAR on the back of ALL your photos!

If you are titling a digital photo, might I suggest this method:  YYYY, MM, DD, MAIN SURNAME, (from L to R) FIRST NAME, (of each individual) CITY, STATE, COUNTRY.  You may find that some information may not be available and so just leave it blank. What this does is keep every image in a chronological order. You will be happier! Here are some of my examples:  1964, 01, 15, hancock, byron, lee, don, john, leann timothy, granger, ut.jpg.      You can choose to use all lower case, or capitalize.  You will find in most digital scrapbook programs, they let you use this image title as the caption for the image. This saves a lot of time when using hundreds of images.




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