Email Guide Lines

What we need from you:

1.  A digital file of your original photo, approximately 5×7 to 8×10 in size, 240 or 300 dpi, RGB output, saved as a JPEG, emailed to us at Include in the subject line “EMAIL RESTORATION” in all caps..

2.  Or provide a copy of the original print or the original print (Recommended, sent in a protective envelope or box, sent by certified mail to our address)..

Note: The best results come from the original print, or a good digital scan from the original.  Photo (processed) copies and Xerox copies lose much of the original tonality and detailNot recommended..

3.  You can also send us a CD with your digitized photo/s. Include a completed Order Form. (Print ORDER FORM).

4. Payment through:CreditCards Full restoration of your photo sent back to you by email.  (If photo is seriously damaged and missing critical areas, additional fees may apply.  If this is the case, we will contact you before any work is done).  We provide a discount for orders over 3 photos or more.

We also offer…

A CD with digital file(s) of your restored photo(s) sent to you, plus shipping: add $15.00.

CD with digital file $15.00



Or a 5×7 print of your restored photo: add $16.00 (plus shipping)

5×7 print $16.00




Or a 8×10 print of your restored photo: add $25.00 (plus shipping)

8×10 print $25.00 



CLICK HERE – to contact us for more information.


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