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RetouchOnly  $45.00  now $32.00

  • Light damage in non-detail areas, we can include minimal damage in the background and plain areas.
  • Minor dust spots and scratch removal, scratches affecting but not obliterating subject, generally there wouldn’t be any damage to the face/s of those in the Photo unless its very minor and in open skin area.
  • Color enhancement or colorization of an intact photo.


Restore” Only  $65.00  now $45.00

  • Tear in photo affecting but not obliterating
  • Repair dust spots, stains and scratches PLUS color enhancement.
  • Add or delete one person PLUS change background.
  • Repair photo damage and change Oval to Portrait format.
  • Other jobs between Medium and Heavy.


Repair  $65.00 to $95.00

Our more extensive artwork “Repair” where parts of the image are separated from the main image and need to be repaired and or lost and need artwork to recreate the lost areas.

We will try and keep this at a flat rate of $95.00, but on occasion it is necessary to charge more because of the artistic recreation of image segments that are lost.

  • Extensive spotting, scratches or fading affecting entire photo.
  • Extensive damage to detail area plus colorization or color enhancement.
  • Extensive photo damage PLUS change Oval to Portrait format.
  • Medium restoration PLUS colorization, background change, adding or removing people, etc.
  • Extensive damage to detail areas with three or more people.
  • Multiple services to a group photo.
  • Medium-Heavy restoration PLUS colorization, background change, adding or removing people, etc.

We will contact you before any artwork is performed on your image if it is going to cost more…

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  1. Jill Connelly says:

    I have two large photos I need restoring. Could you contact me please. 801 592 6329 or this email address. Thanks.

  2. Brittany England says:

    Do you have any discounts to help my mom whose partial photos are all that is left of her home after the Tooele fire?

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